How does CPC differ from traditional OEMs and service providers?
CPC’s Partnership Managers collectively have decades of experience across the print industry, having worked for various OEMs and vendors to provide solutions across industry and markets. Being brand agnostic, we work with you and for you to identify your print requirements and priorities. We analyse and evaluate your current structure and contract arrangements and identify inefficiencies in function, process, productivity, security, sustainability and cost. On the completion of our ‘discovery’ process, we develop a number of appropriate solutions for you to decide on the ‘best fit’ for your specific circumstances. We then test, facilitate train, deploy and manage your print and related environments for you. Rest assured, we’re with you every step of the way so that your organisation can focus on its core business.
CPC has no budgetary targets to meet and accepts no remuneration from any of the OEM’s or vendors with whom we engage to provide the multiple facets of our Complete Print Solution. This ensures that our loyalty and focus remains with our valued clients thereby assuring the optimal outcome every time.
CPS encapsulates an end to end or a full-service proposition incorporating all aspects of our clients’ printing and document management requirements. At CPC, we look at your print and related environments holistically; we analyse your specific business needs and requirements against the efficiency of your current structure at a granular level. Only then do we develop a bespoke solution that you agree with and that works best for you. We test and deploy your solution, facilitate training, manage vendor relationships – and provide regular reporting and consultation on the performance of your solution for the life of the agreement.
CPC’s team of industry experts undertake a granular level review including onsite visits, at no expense to our clients, to determine current productivity, functionality and total cost of ownership of the incumbent print and document management environments. Based on the outcome of this enterprise-wide review and subsequent cost base analysis, the CPS is formulated and presented.
Once completed, our cost base analysis is presented to our clients for internal review to confirm the veracity of our analysis and projected savings. Upon acceptance of our current cost base and after deployment of the CPS, the proposed monthly costs and projected savings are easily confirmed.
We typically achieve cost reduction averaging in excess of 15% for our clients globally, incorporating a fit-for-purpose solution design and reducing paper and consumables usage.

An efficient and effective print environment is just the beginning. At CPC, we provide world-class established and emerging technologies in digital workspace management, enterprise record management, enterprise cyber security and more.

Our mission – to modernise and streamline your back-of-house data processes, workflows, and administrative and operational tasks critical to keeping you operating securely, productively and efficiently.

Working with you, we will identify where and how your business can improve its processes. We’ll identify and customise the ‘best fit’ products, solutions or services to support your operation and take you forward.

We take the worry and uncertainty out of your business’s digital data technology procurement decisions, allowing you to focus on achieving your business mission, knowing that you’re supported by the most customised, optimally functional, user-friendly, cost efficient solution.

Reducing negative environmental impact and promoting more sustainable environmental practices is a cornerstone of our approach to our client solutions. Our approach includes –

  • Partnering with organisations committed to protecting, sustaining and improving the environment.
  • Identifying inefficiencies such as underutilisation of equipment and unnecessary hardware that waste power and resource and ultimately increase landfill waste.
  • Fleet consolidation and rationalisation resulting in reduction in hardware, resource consumption and consumables.
  • Reduction in paper, toner cartridge and other print-related waste.
  • Reduction in paper usage, replacing with digital records and document usage where appropriate.

Read our case studies for specific results we’ve achieved for our clients.

Our end-to-end commitment to our customers includes tailored financial solutions to meet your specific needs through our partnerships with leading global technology financiers – it’s all part of our ‘white glove’ approach! Ask us today.
CPC holds an enviable niche position within the print and document management industry. Whilst other organisations may facilitate facets of our CPS, our international presence and longstanding global OEM engagements combined with our true vendor independence and unmatched practical experience in successfully deploying multiple CPS engagements on a state, national and international basis confirms that we are without peer.

Serving our clients wherever their business takes them

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